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technology news October 22nd afternoon, chairman and CEO of the ant gold clothing group Peng Lei today published her for gender equality view: "the industrial age cannot bring true gender equality, only entered into the DT era, in order to achieve true equality between the sexes." Peng Lei predicted that with the advent of the era of consumption, women’s entrepreneurial advantage will be more significant. As a natural consumer, the use of a higher proportion of the use of Taobao and sea Amoy, not only will spend money to save money.

today, the United Nations women’s Department, the Zhejiang provincial women’s Federation, Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government hosted the "2015 gender equality and social responsibility of the enterprise (Hangzhou) international conference cum" he is her "action" (hereinafter referred to as the International Conference) held in Hangzhou, Peng Lei delivered a speech at the meeting.

at the meeting, Peng Lei published the "DT era gender equality" keynote speech, she pointed out that "gender inequality still exists, it is not only a social issue, but also an economic phenomenon."

In a speech by

, citing a survey by McKinsey, a consultancy, "the ratio of women entering the labour market into the world is not as good as it is. India accounted for only 27% of East Africa and North Africa, Europe and North America between 55%-57% in 24%. China is one of the countries with the highest participation of women, although there are 64%, there is still room for improvement.

if men and women are completely equal, will significantly enhance the GDP, for example, India GDP can increase by 57%, China increased by 18%. World economic growth of 28%, an increase of about $28 trillion."

, while the economy is slowing and the population is ageing, such a rise is more important and valuable.

Peng Lei predicted that with the arrival of the era of consumption, especially in the DT era, women’s entrepreneurial advantage will be more significant.

this forecast is based on Ali ecosystem of women’s consumer groups and entrepreneurial groups of data statistics, as a natural consumer, compared to men, women use Taobao and sea Amoy higher proportion. More importantly, women will not only spend money but also to save money, for example, from Taobao’s data show that the use of sets of points and red envelopes shopping women account for 61% of the total number of users.

Peng Lei summed up: enter the DT era, we are not more than the muscles, but rather than the brain, courage and wisdom. DT era is the era of experience economy, is the era of sensibility, but also a brain, with wisdom to conquer the world of the times. DT era is different from the industrial age requirements for high strength and rigorous, pay more attention to the era of fine and sentimental value, feminine sensibility, sense of space and imagination in this era show different charm and style. The era of data, pay attention to experience."

In addition to

, the advent of the DT era, but also to gradually reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship. For example, the current Tmall all store mean >

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