Feng Weidong why week black duck climbed out from the store pit

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news December 15th, sponsored by the title of the 2016 Magic Horse Mobi venture entrepreneurs horse Community Conference held today in beijing. Feng Weidong, managing partner of capital management.

Feng Weidong’s Day figure capital is the consumer brand Baiguoyuan weeks black duck and investors, the two companies have joined in the road detour. He said that the need to control the need to join the three major elements, namely, brand output, management output and supply chain output.

following Feng Weidong speech content, I dark horse editor.

brands and franchisees why mutual pit each other?

before that, I did some homework and asked a lot of friends, "what is a city partner," they said they didn’t know. I said, do you think this with franchisees, agents, dealers have no difference? They say is like a vest.

why do you need a partner city? What happens here? This vest was dirty. Why? Originated in the early stages of the development of enterprises, all of the commercial law do not understand, resulting in "scared" results: afraid of brands franchisee destroy your brand, franchisees, agents also fear you brand strong burn the bridge after crossing it, she dumped me.

so, I used to do with a dedicated investment services agency said that in the past half of the brand is a pit franchisee, earn money is to join the business. But there is another group of men said franchisee pit brands, the brand people do bad, so shoddy uncontrollable.

so in this new era, we should call for a new business culture and cooperation mechanism for a vest is right.

why in the past we will find franchisees, dealers, agents, but also because of our own resources are not enough, but also want to grow rapidly, this is difficult to grasp the degree of.

why did Zhou Fuyu spend 300 thousand more


we invest in two companies are hands-on experience with this point.

One case:

weeks black duck week boss (Zhou Fuyu) started the business ten years old, is not money, the middle did join, received about 200000 franchise fee back, and later found the franchisee uncontrollable, so shoddy the bad behavior, put it in the outside week black duck. Later, Zhou Fuyu had to return these stores, spent about 300000. So far he is determined not to join the seven hundred or eight hundred stores are all straight battalion.

Case two: Baiguoyuan

. This is our investment in another enterprise, the same is true. Early due to the needs of rapid growth, but also to join, but also after the tube, the brand seems to be smashed.

finally, Baiguoyuan also put these stores all back, direct. By the time we invest in him, we have done 1000 stores. This is amazing.


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