The Grapevine Hotel needs to master the management skills

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imported wine tax rate will be reduced, so that more people at a very low price to buy imported wine products satisfactory. Now invest in The Grapevine Hotel, need to master what management skills? Xiaobian to tell you.



for a wine store, business is a very important marketing activities, so the overall planning and preparation to under the foot. We see the usual means of business promotion is to invite guests to shop wine. At the beginning of the opening of the red wine shop, in order to attract people, do some free wine or brand brochures or should be issued in order to attract customers, explore potential customers.


the membership card or card is red wine shops a good publicity practice, can greatly improve the rate of turn red wine store consumers, sales will have a very good promotion in the short term. Many characteristics of the old wine franchise store customers in order to be able to change to the gift, will introduce some new friends to buy.


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