Shanghai city Yangpu District multi-creation space Tencent officially opened

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led by the government under the guidance of the majority of civil forces are also involved in the creation of public space and other entrepreneurial platform to build. Tencent, Alibaba, Haier and other giants of the industry led by large enterprises, have invested in the creation of public space, helping young entrepreneurs to play an innovative force.

1 6, located in Shanghai City, Yangpu District Wujiaochang District core Tencent multi-creation space (Shanghai) park officially opened, and the Tencent and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government of Yangpu District cooperation Tencent multi-creation space flagship demonstration base ushered in the first batch of entrepreneurs settled. Deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission Xu Ziying, deputy director of the Committee of science and technology Chen Jie, Yangpu party secretary Zhuge Yujie Xie Jiangang, deputy secretary, mayor, deputy mayor Tan Bing, open platform and Tencent general manager Hou Xiaonan, Dashen network president Wang Dong attended.

to conform to the new trend of public entrepreneurship, innovation of the Internet age, better promote the development of the mobile Internet industry area in Shanghai, and jointly create a good mobile Internet cultural and creative entrepreneurial environment, in June 3, 2015, Shanghai Yangpu District City People’s government and the Tencent Inc signed a framework agreement, the Tencent cooperation to build a public record space (Shanghai) project, integration Tencent open platform flow acceleration, open support, entrepreneurial capacity, education and training and radiation driven platform capabilities, combined with the policy support of the government of Shanghai City, the developer’s ability to support growth and business success. Tencent (Shanghai) Yangpu multi-creation space Park Park marks the full landing both sides of this cooperation.

It is reported that Shanghai City, Yangpu District:

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