South Korea in 2016 to choose the fried chicken shop need to handle what procedures

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2016 South Korean fried chicken shops need to handle what procedures? With the trend of Korean, Korean fried chicken project has great popularity in the Chinese market, many people doubt the high cost of shop? Join now although fried chicken business is very exciting, but the tedious formalities and the cost of joining, let many people flinch, actually, South Korea joined the formalities are not fried chicken. Special complex, and the cost of joining, as long as not to choose brands KFC McDonald’s, most people still affordable


2016 South Korean fried chicken shops need to handle what procedures? To open fried chicken stores must first apply to the local trade and Industry Bureau to apply for a business license, and then to the Inland Revenue Department for registration. For all kinds of food stores, but also to the health sector for health permits. Any shops have to pay taxes, such as your shop belongs to the individual industrial and commercial households, but also to pay taxes, but the tax is fixed. Specific details of the payment you can go to the local tax bureau service window consultation, you can get the most direct reply. The cost is mainly you shop for rent, utilities, decoration, labor costs and equipment costs are mainly you chicken; chicken, seasoning oil, the purchase price; monthly profit = your monthly price, monthly amortization expense of fried chicken, the monthly cost of.

? Through the introduction of the Korean fried chicken related content, do you have some understanding? Quick action now, there are more fried chicken to join the brand waiting for you, do not miss.

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