Shandong innovative marketing model, tourism + railway Baotuan marketing

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in our life a lot of city vigorously develop tourism, to promote local economic development, and the railway sector, also need to strengthen their own economic development, so Shandong introduced a new strategy to change the passengers tourists, tourists become passengers. The day before, Shandong officially opened the "Baotuan marketing mode of Travel + railway". In November 10th, the Committee for development of tourism in Shandong province and Ji’nan Railway Bureau jointly carried out by Qilu Gao tieyou, hospitable welcome to Shandong "theme promotion activities, tourism marketing and railway passenger transport marketing combination, can make passengers change can make tourists, tourists become passengers, will achieve a win-win development.

activity site, the Shandong Provincial Tourism Committee and the Ji’nan Railway Bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the Shandong Provincial Tourism Committee and the municipal government will help the railway to connect the integrated services, the high-speed rail series team and train into Shandong tourism marketing plan. According to the Shandong Tourism Commission Director Yu Fenggui introduced, the two sides will actively build cooperation and win-win cooperation mechanism to jointly develop the high iron tourism theme products and fine lines, to carry out joint marketing, efforts to build the brand of high iron tourism in Shandong, in order to speed up the tourism in Shandong province to strong province and travel forward "Chinese Railway Tourism" brand building, make the new and greater contribution.

, director of the capital operation and the development of China railway company Huang Guizhang said that the promotion of "Chinese Railway Tourism · hospitality Shandong, is a showcase of local tourism characteristics, the development of local tourism resources, deepening road cooperation and achieve win-win development of good practice. The railway bureau should take the initiative to butt with the tourism sector in Shandong, establish and improve the mechanism of tourism cooperation, the implementation of the tourist reception measures into the city, to strengthen the protection of the whole process of tourism services.

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, Shandong unique tourism resources, unique natural scenery is beautiful, with three holes, many places of historic interest and scenic beauty, Taishan, Laoshan, Penglaige, Liugong Island, spring, the best in all the land Nanshan of 7 A-level scenic area 5A level scenic spots, the number reached 921, ranked first in the country, is one of China’s most potential for tourism development of the provinces. Shandong railway network is developing rapidly, as of now the province’s railway mileage of 5434 kilometers, of which 1046 km high-speed railway, there are 17 city in 10 Tongda high iron, planning to 2020 all access, network scale and high-speed rail mileage at the forefront.

Shandong innovative marketing model, "tourism + Railway" Baotuan marketing, as a win-win strategic policy, not only to improve the income of the tourism industry, but also the railway sector revenue is very impressive. Play around the high iron tourism advantages, December 2015 Provincial Tourism Commission led the establishment of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway tourism promotion alliance, the United Provinces and cities along the tourist cooperation, introduced the design of high speed rail tourist routes more than a multi station, marketable, making the "China high iron tourism brochure," Beijing-Shanghai high-speed Railway "overseas alliance Promo recommendation

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