My 10 point of views on the nternet VC enemy awareness

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VC look at the project, with entrepreneurs to see the mentality of the resume is very similar. Entrepreneurs recall their attitude towards the resume, that is, VC’s attitude towards BP. To pull the hook watch two hours resume immediately, then you enter the sage time thoughtfully…… And deepen the understanding of VC.


What is the nature of the

VC, is a businessman, venture capital is the commodity. Merchants buy and sell goods by profit, comply with the rules of the business, the quality of the natural people in front of the queue to buy, junk goods crying for merchants to buy.


in the Internet product market, capital can be a glance of the quality of goods is only about 1%.

and 10% belong to the original stone can buy "at the present stage".

The rest of the

is junk, and no one is going to buy it.

hundreds of domestic VC, opening the annual financing of high quality goods is less than a few hundred, obviously VC queuing panic buying, bustling. I often hear VC "did not squeeze" to describe their sense of loss, and can not be returned to the fund-raising hundreds of millions of billions of LP, can only buy a little rough touch. Who does not buy who to buy, probably on the edge of the eye bar. There are about 10% stone projects grow into recognized high-quality goods, basically is gambling.

yes, the top 1% high-quality goods is behind the investment, the investment agreement is this rate of 90% gambling.


on what is a good project, there are differences in the venture and investment circles. Venture capital market value and customer value, the value of the investment circle is someone to pick up, I can cash, the subsequent round of financing buyers to bring their own profits.

I’ve heard such a point of view, the industry is very thorough understanding of the product investors are not good investors. See too clearly, to predict the project finally is a bastard, but he is not allowed to see this, before being air driven, or packaging success, got several rounds of investment, then advanced to investors to cash money.

money is the most important, this is not important.

at this time you will ask, this thoroughly read the investor, can not cast a high probability of success of the project?

answer is that such a high quality goods accounted for only 1%, he is likely to encounter, do not necessarily get caught.



evaluation of an investor’s core indicators of what?.

no, it’s luck.

grab the scarce number of good projects in every year thousands of financing projects, the majority of

isn’t luck?

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