My ex-wife’s story a junior high school student, from 800 yuan monthly salary to $400 thousand

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Abstract: more than a year later, many of my colleagues have quit, pull her, finally she followed another wave of colleagues to the very influential company, a monthly salary of 10 thousand and 9. Later, after more than a year of work, she had to jump to another BAT class company, annual salary of 400 thousand.


is from Erhai to my hotel.

yesterday’s article, a lot of people want to listen to my ex-wife’s story, then talk about it. In fact, more or less in the previous article and speech mentioned before.

I knew she was in 08-09, when I started a technical consulting firm with a friend. Later, there is a point to do the same site to find us, saying that their system is too stable, we can not solve the problem. At that time, the company is close to my home, I am responsible for the main.

a lot of people in that company, but only a few people do technology. The main contact with me is my ex-wife and another guy. Talk about the program for some time, and later, I began to intervene in their development process, when my ex-wife is responsible for the most content, so a lot of dealing with her.

code to write her a bit of a mess, so I asked her what she said is born, is a university graduate, and later on the Beida Jade Bird class programming.

we generally like to laugh out of the training class students, there are several reasons:

‘s resume is exactly the same. The first time you receive a training class of students resume, may feel good, understand many things, to participate in the project is also interesting to speak closely reasoned and well argued. Then, when you find that the 30 resumes are almost exactly the same, you’ll want to say, I don’t want a resume like this either.

lack of self-learning ability. A lot of people just because they do not have the ability to go to the training class. I think I have to go to the task of teachers. Such a student, even in the end to learn what the teacher taught, often waste, because a little bit of change things will not learn.

do not know any good habits, encoding debugging and tuning techniques. Training teachers to teach their students all the course is difficult enough, the nature is to talk about. Of course, the majority of domestic universities to teach students is also the case. These things are too complex, too cumbersome, and difficult to learn by reading books and teachers. Must look at their own constant to do things in the process of continuous improvement of their own.

many teachers and training institutions in order to pursue employment rate, to teach a variety of resume interview skills, and even help students cheat. Unified teaching, so resume and talk is a taste.

because of ignorance and arrogance.

I personally never despise any student who comes out of the training course, but

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