Ya’an lit the light of the masses in poor areas medical conditions

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Although the current social and economic development of

has been greatly developed, but there are still some areas are very backward, and even people can not see the onset of illness often appear. Recently, the Ya’an Municipal Committee, Shenzhen Edan precision instrument Limited by Share Ltd medical equipment donation ceremony was held in Ya’an city. Vice chairman of Ya’an City, the Ya’an Municipal Committee Chairman Peng Xuesong, Shenzhen and Ya’an City, the company representative Edan hospital representatives attended the donation ceremony.

donation activities by the Ya’an municipal Party committee matchmaking and build a platform to improve the poor people in the city’s medical conditions, help Ya’an medical precise poverty alleviation.

ceremony, Shenzhen Limited by Share Ltd Yucheng Precision Instruments Inc. Huaxin Street Community Health Service Center, Yucheng District in the town center hospital, Baizhang Town Center Hospital, mountains mountains Che Ling Town Center Hospital, Xindian town center Mingshan district hospitals were donated 1 sets of five classification blood cell analyzer. The total value of more than 100 yuan.

site, donated representatives and representatives of the Ya’an Municipal People’s Hospital donated on the use of equipment management and other issues of communication. After the disaster recovery and reconstruction, the basic health facilities in Ya’an, but a lot of health care facilities up, the lack of internal medical equipment, to a certain extent, affected the level of diagnosis and treatment to improve. Ya’an City, the hospital said the donation of medical equipment is timely assistance of charity, for the improvement of medical equipment conditions, protect the rural public health, has a positive effect.

to the masses in the poor areas have medical conditions, a lot of people in the community to donate, this is undoubtedly a welcome rain after a long drought "thing for people in poor areas. Let the Ya’an Municipal Committee of the Democratic League and the love of the enterprise docking, medical equipment for the health of the hospital to carry out equipment use and maintenance training, and effectively solve the problem of medical treatment of people in poor areas. In another development, the donation after the Shenzhen Edan precision instrument Limited by Share Ltd will also health center of Hanyuan County were two, in second batches of donation.

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