Tianjin build entrepreneurial space to encourage college students entrepreneurship

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college students in recent years are not uncommon, but also a lot of problems students encountered, such as lack of funds, contacts and experience etc., these problems often become college students start on the road this pain point, colleges and universities in Tianjin to build business space, encourage students to entrepreneurship. Participate in the workshop experience project, let me in the simulation of the entrepreneurial process gradually clear direction." Recently, Nankai University 2012 undergraduate students, clothing all-round assessment APP team member Han Jinchen said.

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"Dahuo hackerspaces" proposed "us" entrepreneurship "slogan, every element here with innovation, entrepreneurial atmosphere. For example, the 109 venture coffee, both entrepreneurial coffee and entrepreneurial experience platform, all the managers and barista are students, the annual recruitment of two teams to operate. "207" is the center of innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students, the main function is to serve the students to start a business, is the creation of a passenger space under the physical base line.

"Dahuo hackerspaces" also includes the line "92home" enterprise cloud platform. On this platform, students’ creative or entrepreneurial projects can be released or "help"; "the other side of the cloud" is the mentor entrepreneurial cooperation with Tianjin University more than 15 business support agencies and schools, they can docking student projects in a timely manner.

"many college students have entrepreneurial ideas, but most do not know how to build a business model, also don’t know how to venture into actual business projects. The establishment of the workshop is to allow students to simulate the entrepreneurial environment, taste the taste of entrepreneurship, clear business ideas." Nankai University, a passenger space workshop instructor Wu Ying told reporters. Recently, the school of electronic information and optical engineering, Nankai University, set up a passenger space workshop to help aspiring college students to simulate the entrepreneurial career.

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