The natural kind can promote the development of the shop the way of getting along with people

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if you give a choice, you will choose the owner of the beginning of the end plate with a face does not show a little smile shop, or choose the shop owner kind and friendly, smiling all day shop? I think many of the answers are obvious. And some shopkeepers are relying on such a business philosophy, thus gaining more consumer recognition, shop business is booming.

I go to the grocery store to buy cigarettes ah

that day, just to catch up with Ah Mui stood inside the counter, holding a red line jade abacus knots, over the counter has a look after about eighty year old grandmother is watching attentively. When I saw the door, Ah Mui smiled and said, "it’s over." Then he gave the abacus to the old lady. At this time, I found on the abacus knot tied to a earpick.

"I feel shy, old to trouble you, I have to give this money earpick."

"grandma, didn’t I say that? I have two earpick, give you a, not your money?"

"how about that? This is the red line you spend money into, and not your own family. I can’t afford a sewing thread."

"grandma, where have you come from?"! You can often come to us, is our fate and blessing, let us also stained with your Fukuwa Ju."


listen to their chat, I think the old lady will soon become the spokesperson of this shop. She will definitely be nice to the people around her and talk about this Ah Mui tied to the abacus bumps earpick story.

after the old lady left, I casually asked: "who is this grandmother’s relatives?" It turned out that she was the boss of the fruit shop next door to her mother-in-law, just last week from his hometown in Hebei to pick up, and Ah Mui is also half a fellow. So the old man came to her for almost a day. She also told me: "don’t look at the man was eighty-eight years old, but the old man thought clear, very learned.

and the elderly together, not only can learn a lot of life experience and wisdom, the more important thing is to understand the people to the age after the character, ideas, needs, etc.." Because of her respect for the elderly, understand the old man, old man is more willing to put their experience to tell her, is also happy to give her own unique skills. Unexpected is the old man returned to her shop, check the goods, when the obligation of security".

listen to her description, I can not help feeling heart: it is will treat her existence, which makes this shop filled with a warm humanity, but also makes you something no matter are willing to shop around, and Ah Mui >

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