Xi Jinping speech ignited entrepreneurial passion entrepreneurs have responded

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2016 two sessions of the NPC, the NPC for innovation and entrepreneurship is different, and Xi Jinping, chairman of a speech is to ignite people’s entrepreneurial passion. Following a small series together to understand the specific content of the conversation!

buckle down to cause dry up

The important speech of the general secretary of the

, let us deeply feel the party and the state of the non-public economy and the non-public economy to pay attention to the trust, my heart warm, shoulder heavy.

non-public enterprises is the reform and opening up of the practice, we have a strong sense of achievement and gain a sense of. Since the reform and opening up, private enterprises in all walks of life rise suddenly, some are out of the country, among the world’s top 500. China’s private economy has been in the national economy in all aspects of our vitality and creativity, is a powerful force to promote China’s economic development.

in the new normal economy under the current, we are facing many problems and challenges. But today, China has a very good foundation for development, in the face of problems, have the ability to quickly adjust themselves and overcome challenges and strength. The general secretary of the   to speak to the private entrepreneurs to eat a reassurance, eliminate concerns everyone, to further clarify the position and role of private enterprises, to further clarify the direction of development of non-public economy. The public ownership economy and the non-public ownership through   economy is complementary to each other, complement each other, the strength of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, together constitute a strong competitive power of China’s economy.

The important speech of the general secretary of the

, also gave us the development of confidence, firm development of our beliefs, our exciting entrepreneurial passion. We have a good policy, a good environment, then we are going to do the work.

must be abstinence path

The general secretary of the

important discussion on the new relationship between government and business, profoundly illustrates the benign relationship between government under the condition of socialist market economy and private enterprise, will create a more favorable atmosphere and environment for the development of our private enterprises.

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