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in the current era of science and technology, rice cookers can be said to be an important appliance for cooking rice. Moreover, a good rice cooker can not only steamed sweet rice Q bomb, but also improve the sense of happiness in life. The following small series to introduce the ten major rice cooker brand list for reference.

ten rice cooker brand list NO.1, Midea: (beginning in 1981, the world’s white goods manufacturers and brands, the world’s top 500 enterprises)

exquisite appearance of the exquisite rice cooker, the overall use of stainless steel materials, exquisite workmanship sealing anti overflow good. Internal use of three composite liner, far infrared heating, rice evenly heated. In addition, the appointment of cooking, porridge function operation is simple and easy to understand. In particular, the United States and the United States MB-FS506C intelligent 5L electric rice cooker, honeycomb liner, turbine in addition to bubble, rice, sweet and not overflowing pot, is very suitable for the use of the family 3~6 family.

ten rice cooker brand list NO.2, SUPOR: (founded in 1994, Zhejiang province famous trademark, large-scale cooking research and development manufacturer)

a want to steam rice meal, not as good as the kettle, the ad, redefining the cooking function of SUPOR rice cooker. SUPOR focus on cooking research and development, high quality liner is its biggest advantage, the thermal efficiency of its cooking is more than the traditional 3~4.

ten rice cooker brand list NO.3, Joyoung: (started in 1994, the founder of the soybean milk machine industry, the impact of small household electrical appliance industry brand)

Joyoung rice cooker positioning in the high-end rice cooker Market, for consumers to create a healthy life. Food grade plastic material, safe and reliable, unique streamline shape, exquisite printing appearance gives people a sense of. Among them, the Joyoung IH electric cooker in the home half a month, that is, the more than 30 thousand single product history of the best sales results.

ten rice cooker brand list NO.4, Panasonic: (the world’s leading consumer electronics brands, the world’s leading integrated electronic technology enterprise group)

the Japanese home appliance brand has a unique view in the study of product technology, Matsushita Electric Cooker has simple and convenient function adjustment, good impact resistance and heat resistance, and uniform heating for hot spots, although not like SUPOR, as professional beauty cooking out, close to the China users, but let us see the Panasonic dedicated responsible quality.

ten big rice cooker brand list NO.5, PHILPS: (started in 1891 in Holland, the world-renowned multinational electronic brand, Holland Royal PHILPS)

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