Women’s shop owner’s three notes

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products are the main reason to attract customers into the store, the same applies to the women’s industry. If you want to open a successful women’s clothing store, then you must pay attention to the time of purchase, purchase does not lie in the quantity but in the quality, grasp the vital skills of the purchase.

each brand of clothing are targeted at a certain age, such as 20-25 or 30-40. Naturally, the size of the former will generally be small yards, the latter will consider the majority of large code. In addition, the opening of new stores, each of the 10 guests into the store, the 7 is the right people, will not have any size, but more fat guests to the small clothing shops reflect some, indeed.

as the stores have to consider this part of the needs of the guests. But the overall size is generally between S-XL. Can not meet the needs of all customers. Some businesses will naturally consider looking for some big size clothing to deal with the views of the guests, but such clothes are not cheap, and soon you will be the edge of the advantages of the clothes covered by the adulteration.

two, clothing pick pick code section

three, stocking is afraid of too many goods, goods pressing pressure of funds

In view of the above suggestions:

1, learn to sell medium and small size, so that business will get better and better.

2, profit should be reasonable, generally 100% more appropriate.

3, goods recommend

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