BAT as entrepreneurs how to use them on the throne

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Abstract: entrepreneurs tend to attach great importance to the enterprise, the industry or related to the supply chain industry, investment in the field of information, the importance of many other things is not high. And sometimes seemingly unrelated factors but the success or failure of the product, and ultimately affect the success or failure of the need to create.

the current society, the gradual popularity of smart phones and mobile Internet at the same time, our dependence on smart phones and mobile Internet has gradually improved. With the Internet giant BAT business continues to expand, continue to penetrate into all areas of life, our lives are almost inseparable from the BAT, and social Tencent, search with Baidu, shopping ali…… Earlier this year China Mobile Internet users "enfodesk analysis 2016" data show that Tencent user coverage rate as high as 94.6%, Baidu is 69.7%, Ali is 48.6%.

a, BAT affects most of your users

entrepreneurs to start, must not ignore the external environment.

when entrepreneurs start business, the first choice will go to Baidu search to understand the market situation, industry dynamics, and understand what their opponents.

other users, investors, or candidates for start-up companies, the majority will be through Baidu search, forums and other interactive understanding of the initial venture company information. Then WeChat public number, browsing history news, enhance mutual understanding, trust again.

in the start-up companies in business promotion, will use WeChat two-dimensional code. Introduce their identity cards will be used to introduce two-dimensional code. In fact, the name of the name of the company is now starting a business rarely printed a two-dimensional code, and even some business cards, in addition to the company LOGO, only a two-dimensional code. Tencent up to 94.6% of the user coverage, a small two-dimensional code can narrow the distance between entrepreneurial companies and users.

when the start-up company was formally established, to broaden the sales channels, it will carry out e-commerce in Alibaba. As for payment, now more and more people love Alipay and WeChat to pay payments. Electronic commerce, as well as Alipay and WeChat to pay payments, is now very popular in 80, 90 groups. The 80, 90 is the main consumer of the moment most of the industry, the main business is to explore the customer groups.

for online transactions and payment, Alipay bigger. As early as 2011, Alipay transaction volume reached 610 billion 80 million yuan, accounting for 80% of the market share of online shopping Chinese. As of December 2012, Alipay registered accounts exceeded 800 million. This is what entrepreneurs should understand the reality.

No matter what you want to do

entrepreneurial projects, eventually need someone to buy it, also want to as soon as possible to as many people as possible to buy it. Those who buy "most are in the shadow of BAT, then you have no way of entrepreneurs from the BAT and independent.

two, BAT is a repository, you have to know how to use

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