How entrepreneurs out of the vortex of innovation

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may, at the beginning of entrepreneurship, is full of passion, a long time, the company A fighting spirit soars aloft., truly on the scale, but the more conservative thought, don’t talk about innovation, but a company want to be strong, innovation is essential, here, Xiaobian teach entrepreneurs how to get out of the whirlpool!

in the product development in the world, there are three kinds of innovation. They are all necessary, but it is very dangerous that so many companies are limited to one of them. The findings come from a recent study by Accenture, a leading consulting firm. Research on this topic is a little scary, called "innovation" death spiral (The  Innovation  Death  Spiral), is not optimistic: "why do firms often invest the bad ideas and these mistakes" (How  Companies  Get  Stuck  Throwing  Good  Money  After  Bad  Ideas and  What  That  Mistake  Is  Costing  Them).

"innovative death spiral" took place in all the enterprise limited resources into incremental innovation. The report pointed out that Unilever had such a situation, until the last few years, the company has two chief

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