The next ten years, early recognition of popular jobs early preparation

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in fact, with the progress of society, at the same time some people demand is also undergoing some changes, in the next 10 years, in a predictable range of the whole society, there will be some of the more popular industry and occupation, let’s look at the specific have what?

, a financial analyst

two, the funeral industry

said the funeral industry profits, it ranked third, it was really wronged. Its profit rate is much higher than the real estate industry, but its effect on China economy, people is far from The people are boiling with resentment. compared, and the real estate industry so that it can only rely on the rankings. To twenty or thirty yuan to buy the urn on the funeral parlor shelves, the price of $three hundred or four hundred. Margin of up to 10~20. Material better, the cost of not more than 100 yuan urn, sold for $one thousand or two thousand; a piece of land less than 2 square meters, above the building or complex or simple tombstone, less than $five thousand or six thousand, you are $ten thousand or twenty thousand.

cemetery is more expensive than commercial housing. If you build a house, according to the outer suburbs, but the value of more than 1000 yuan per square meter. Cemetery can only sell more than 5000 yuan per square meter of land.

three, the mobile phone industry

by the end of the second quarter of this year, Chinese Internet users has reached 580 million mobile Internet users has reached 460 million, the second quarter of the global mobile phone sales in the first China intelligent. Many of the first behind, is a subversive change in people’s way of life, the mobile Internet market is huge business opportunities and temptations. " mobile Internet is coming, and it is an overwhelming advantage to recommend

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