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Internet era, there are many opportunities in the online venture is also a lot of people’s ideas. Online shopping is so popular today, the Internet is indeed a good way out. Online business is not impossible to make money, had worked in the public relations company white-collar workers in the company after the layoffs chose the online business, more than a month to earn more than work.

online selling special purchases for the Spring Festival earning 8000

worked in a PR company Zhang received a unit of human resources department phone two months ago, she became one of the first unit of laid-off workers. But in the online shop to make money to bring her profits and sense of accomplishment so that she quickly diluted the layoffs brought about by the loss. Xiao Zhang’s hometown is in Zhejiang, in the northwest of Ling’an, which is known as the "hometown of Hickory."". Xiao Zhang is to see the business opportunities, and soon opened a shop specializing in selling Taobao nut shop, sales of hand stripping hickory. How to make money online? She told reporters, small walnut 16 yuan / bag hand stripping (250 grams) is very popular, especially after the New Year Spring Festival approaching, buyers are basically a purchase of more than 10 packages, the country received dozens of orders every day, the day she will order by fax to the home of relatives, and then confirm the payment after delivery, trading. Can earn more than 8000 yuan a month, online shop to earn more money than to work in the unit." She said.

objective to promote employment of

online shopping

on the Internet how to make money? IResearch analyst Zhang Yanping believes that online shopping compared to traditional shopping advantage has become the consensus of the financial crisis, people online shopping enthusiasm undiminished, especially near the Spring Festival is the peak season of consumption, online shopping is attracting a large number of users of all ages. At the same time the continued popularity of online shopping is also an objective to promote more people, especially just unemployed and white-collar workers who fell in the financial crisis, into the field of online shopping began to make money online shop.

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