She resolutely fled CCTV, desperate to invest in the nternet

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[Abstract] Zhang Quanling says Fu Sheng is on a high speed running track and is now on his own.

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a CCTV female anchor, the boss of three listed companies, two occupation angel investors, a media platform founder, together with China fashion queen, was pushed to the tide of Internet shuffle the same front, jointly opened a new disc war.


earlier this year, Zhang Quanling every day the doctor suspected lung cancer hemoptysis. Ruled out the possibility of cancer, she began to think about the next half. The anchor desk for 18 years, she is the "Oriental Horizon" total host, "People Weekly" "focus" "news room" presenter, her name and "CCTV" "Yangtze Taofen Award" together. In recent years, she realized that the Internet is just like water and air into the life of all aspects, but only to see the part of personal contact, can not see behind.

"sometimes it looks like A, but it’s actually B, which uses C to touch you, affecting the D in your life, but you don’t know what it’s A, B, or C. At first, it may be in the form of F, and so it turned, you do not know it."

she fell into the panic of the press: the first half of the study is to explore the changing context of the times, and this wave of changes in the times, nothing to do with their own.

She decided to

line, in a personal capacity to do in-depth investigation of Internet Co. Exposure to the young and some messy entrepreneurial team, Zhang Quanling felt a strong vitality, and she used a traditional elite eyes to see the results of the facts have been overturned. The first "special" but not "true", two months after the emergence of tremendous progress, the Internet user growth under the mode of rhythm, rate and magnitude beyond her cognition, and the capital to promote the accelerated.

4 months ago, cheetah CEO Fu Sheng (micro-blog) in a venture of the shareholders meeting met Zhang Quanling for the first time, after talking to find that the goddess of vision, the CCTV anchor "quite careful thinking". He heard that Zhang Quanling is an in-depth look at Internet companies, she was about a few days later cheetah move look.

day, Fu Sheng specially arranged to the vice president, under the 7 level to product manager staff and her dialogue, senior reporter Zhang Quanling observed occupation accomplishment — paranoid study habits, fast learning ability and amazing broad knowledge from. At the same time, she comes with visibility and appeal.

appears in Fu Sheng, the core of the Internet competition has been basically completed, the next stage of the Internet will be like water and air, roads and bridges into the various fine

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