See 90 Beauty how to earn 50 thousand yuan by O2O service

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in recent years, O2O services can be described as a fire, the influx of hot money in the O2O services industry has spawned a number of freelancers. They use their proficiency in a particular line to start a small project O2O business services.

Xia Xinyue was born in

1991, Shenzhen, became a O2O service platform, the division of the United States and the United States, division, the highest single month the amount of more than 50 thousand yuan, much higher than the income of many peers.

provides on-site service nail division monthly income of up to 70 thousand yuan, beautician monthly income of more than $more than 20 thousand, also more than 15 thousand masseuse income…… Reporter recently interviewed a number of O2O service platform, found that the influx of hot money in the O2O industry has also spawned a number of high-income free occupation, they have their own income, workplace high proficiency in a particular line, become the main reason to attract their freedom.

is a website issued at the beginning of the "2014 O2O free occupation analysis report" shows that the average monthly income tax O2O free occupation of up to 8312 yuan, while in 2014 the wage ranking first in Shanghai, the average monthly salary of white-collar workers is 7214 yuan.

home beauty services platform, providing Shenzhen face cat operators responsible person Hu Bin told reporters, because cut the intermediate links, but also save the store and other costs, along with the development of O2O industry, a variety of platforms, such as division of Manicure beautician craftsman’s income is increasing. The industry also said that the healthy development of O2O must let the craft, consumers, both sides of the platform are connected to benefit, so that consumers and workers more efficient match, multi win is the essence of O2O.

in a lot of people trying to think how to build up the family fortunes by independent entrepreneurs, these free occupation have been through the hot O2O service easily make a fortune. Entrepreneurship is not divided into projects, the project is to find a pair of eyes, how to locate themselves in accordance with the actual situation, and found a good project.

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