Nanjing property market regulation and control of developers passion unabated

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this year, a number of cities in the market prices have been a substantial increase in the phenomenon of the government facing this crazy property market phenomenon, and actively take relevant measures to stop. Under the control of the property market, developers take the enthusiasm did not significantly lower. On the morning of November 17th, the first land auction held in Nanjing after the property market regulation and control, from Jiangning, Jiangbei a total of 9 plots on the auction station. The 3 plots become the new deal after the first hit the highest price, and will decide the ownership of the land yaohao. November 18th afternoon, the 3 land in the Land Bureau open yaohao.

9 land, the 3 hit the highest price

G67 land debut, the plot is located in Nanjing, Chunhua street, Jiangning. At 9:30 in the morning began after the auction, developers are not caused by the looting, neither fast nor slow increases. Plots to 1 billion 290 million yuan Qipai, eventually Vanke to get $1 billion 490 million.

, however, the second debut of the G68 plots began to compete for the dazzling. This land is located in Pukou District, Taishan street, north of Pudong Road, west of Pu Park North Road, starting price of 1 billion 50 million yuan, the highest price of $1 billion 850 million. Only ten minutes of the auction of 81 rounds, the number 196384 of the housing price 1 billion 850 million yuan, the highest price reached. The land will decide today Yaohao ownership, while the future will implement Xianfang sales policy.

followed by the auction of Pukou District, Taishan street, south of East Road, east of Taishan Road, G69 block is a pure residential land, starting price of 950 million yuan, the highest price of $1 billion 840 million. After 90 rounds of competition, the plot also photographed the highest price, will be decided to belong to the Yaohao today, the future will also be Xianfang sales.

The East, Dongshan Street outport River Road

G70 Jiangning mud road south land, land is purely residential, the starting price of 940 million yuan, the highest price of 1 billion 550 million yuan. After 55 rounds of competition, China happiness (600340, stock it) to gain $1 billion 480 million.

G71 Jiangning Chunhua Street commercial street A plots, and G67 is adjacent to the land, starting price of 630 million yuan, the highest price of $1 billion 230 million, after the final round of bidding for the 26, by Yu Chau real estate to compete for $880 million.


G72 block is located in Jiangning Lukou, land property is mixed commercial and residential land, community center, the starting price of 210 million yuan, the highest price of 450 million yuan. After 49 rounds of auction price has reached the highest price, will be converted to the scene yaohao.

G73 plots located in the north of Jiangning Ji Yin Road, the nature of the business to do mixed land, starting price of 537 million yuan, from the Nanjing branch of Business Management Co.

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