The first innovation and entrepreneurship contest held in Yunnan attracted many entrepreneurs

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now in the country can be said to be very focused on the business aspects, at the same time, every year some entrepreneurial contest is also carried out around like a raging fire, but also attracted many entrepreneurs to participate, Yunnan province’s first venture contest recently kicked off.

contest in all competitions and to carry out propaganda work for our province to vigorously promote innovation and entrepreneurial culture, to create a good positive role in innovation and entrepreneurship environment.

to the June 30, 2015 deadline, our province has a total of 174 enterprises, 115 team participated in the competition, the number of entries for 13 times in 2014, ranked twenty-third in the country. After the registration deadline, the organizing committee will organize the games, investment and Financing Conference and other activities, set off the province’s innovation and entrepreneurship climax.

the first Yunnan entrepreneurship contest is held in order to attract good entrepreneurs and some good entrepreneurial projects, so as to drive and promote the development of the Yunnan economy, at the same time, but also had a very good incentive effect to local entrepreneurs play.


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