What are some of the part-time entrepreneurship projects in Guangdong

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different cities, different provinces, due to different economic and geographical location, and other countries will not be the same business dealings. In general, a large number of large cities in the south of various economic transactions more common, which will bring a variety of entrepreneurial needs will naturally be greater. As long as the business is really in line with the market demand for good business, will naturally be able to create a higher wealth. Of course, the premise is to be able to choose business opportunities. So, what part of the Guangdong entrepreneurial part-time projects?

part time Entrepreneurship Program in Guangdong:

in the United States, the legal translation, business documents need a large number of part-time translation, meetings and exchange activities requires a large number of part-time interpreters. What are some of Guangdong’s part-time jobs? According to reports, in order to become a part-time translator, must join the American Translation Association, after obtaining a professional license, you can practice. Part time translator or interpreter’s annual salary is about $22 thousand.

part time venture in Guangdong: Web Design

in the United States, the need to provide web design companies and individuals very much, so that the web design has become a good part-time job. It should be noted that the part-time job is a part-time job in the United States, the highest salary in the middle age, the annual salary of about $43 thousand.

Guangdong part time venture: Baker

macroeconomic changes in any way, part-time can bring people outside the income of wages. Amid the gloom of the economic downturn, people began to wonder how to make more money in their spare time. According to the U.S. Department of labor and the commerce department’s latest survey shows that the following 7 industries become popular in the eyes of part-time industry.

the baker is a good part time job and can do the job at home. What are some of Guangdong’s part-time jobs? Today, part of the baker wants to make money on the need to increase the variety of bread, the introduction of a special flavor of bread, so as to compete with those bakery chains, market share. According to statistics, part-time Baker flat income of about $41 thousand.

Guangdong part-time entrepreneurial projects: online survey to make money


is also very good understanding, some companies involved in the investigation, the company acquired the data you want, you earn RMB, each one takes what he needs, is also very good understanding.

Guangdong part-time entrepreneurial projects: Hang QQ make money

what is called QQ, and more, hanging QQ chat rooms, dating center, personal signature, detailed information, etc., where people can hang up advertising, someone can come to make money. The same can be applied in UC, MSN, etc.

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