The girl died of liver and kidney donated 16 year old Xiangyang girl died suddenly with severe illne

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6 days ago, 16 year old Nanzhang County of Xiangyang city girl Li Yiqian bursting with diseases. When life was about to die, grieving parents decided to donate organs. Yesterday, Li Yiqian donated liver, kidney and other organs, transplanted into the body of 3 patients, smooth operation. Contribute to save, but also the child’s wish. I hope the children can change the way, continue to live in this world, leave us some thoughts, go more valuable." Li Yiqian’s mother, said Chen Xiaoyan. In the photo of her hand, Li Yiqian smiled brightly, as if he had never left.

: the girl suddenly a bolt from the blue dye serious illness

it all happened so suddenly. The Chen Xiaoyan family is a disaster to be caught off guard.

16 year old Li Yiqian studied in Nanzhang experimental high school grade 12 class nine. 15 am, Chen Xiaoyan and her husband to work in the city of Xiangyang, a person at home, Li Yiqian. Two or three in the afternoon, Chen Xiaoyan called to ask her daughter did not eat, clever mother told her to do the egg fried rice, but also to drag the home of the Li Yiqian. However, the phone, Li Yiqian said he was a little dizzy, Chen Xiaoyan thought the child a little cold, let her drink plenty of water to rest. Chen Xiaoyan home after dinner at night to call her daughter, Li Yiqian has been walking unsteadily, and uncomfortable eyes open. Family rushed to the local hospital. Due to the rapid deterioration of the disease, at 2 a.m. on 16, transferred to the Central Hospital of Xiangyang Li Yiqian, was immediately into the ICU. At this time, Li Yiqian has been in a coma, was paralyzed and unable to speak.

soon, Li Yiqian due to severe intracranial infection, and the source is difficult to find, the incidence of emergency, the condition deteriorated rapidly, and finally only rely on the ventilator to maintain vital signs.

that her daughter’s life irreparable, Chen Xiaoyan and her husband broke down in tears. Grief, the two decided to donate to save. 19 afternoon, the couple signed for her daughter, Hubei human organ donation registration form, Chen Xiaoyan said, is the desire to contribute to save her daughter. She also signed a donation agreement.

originally, in 2010, Chen Xiaoyan suffering from leukemia, a volunteer from Sichuan with her bone marrow matching success, and is willing to donate. Although in the end because of high operating costs, Chen Xiaoyan gave up the transplant, but the gratitude of the volunteers has been treasured in the heart. "I often say to my daughter that if I die, I will donate my organs to the society. I also asked her daughter, if someone needs her to donate hematopoietic stem cells, she would like to, her daughter agreed to do. Did not expect is that the first step is my daughter, Chen Xiaoyan said she would help her daughter to achieve the desire to contribute to save.

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