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we go to dinner will be a meal and then choose the location of a quiet meal, as long as a good dish, the original silence will be broken, you will begin to enjoy your meal time. We can see that the food is good for us, this is a very sensitive to a variety of words. In Guangzhou Jiangnan West, this there is a Cake Bakery bread — well, shop with bright pure white color decoration, the door can see the cake and put in order in the showcase of bread baked bread inserted full time to do the cake shop to join, I’m afraid if some thoughts.

how about the bakery

bread is good – seemingly simple display design

the bakery, even as old as wheat large chain fast food, the interior decoration style of darkened industrial wind bias, coupled with the dim light, at first glance, very stylish, but as a restaurant, have to say "Cangzhuo" rather than "the heart". Black decoration style opportunism, we do not know. But Guangzhou bakery bread shop with white wall design, bold large blank, seemingly simple, in fact, is the "heart" of conscience. The bread will be fresh baked bread placed at the entrance into the most prominent position, with a special health food grade packing paper, cabinets up to two meters, up to four layers, many products is good enough to lay down their bread, and the subsequent research and development of new products and other bread cake.

good reputation that is gradually becoming a mature symbol

as consumers, they understand that the same product, but not necessarily give everyone the same surprise, because the audience depends on the extent of each person’s identity for the product. Open a bakery or cake shop may be very easy thing, not much money, but need to invest a certain amount of time and energy, there is love to make the product better go. After making a famous bakery, no matter what kind of product, will be swept away, but want to pass the "human touch" of the excellent bakery, they will be from the customer’s point of view to do a good product". Guangzhou bakery bread well over time, bread and are constantly released filled is one of the action let the guest satisfaction, of course, the most gratifying is certainly can buy fresh bread in different time.

modern lifestyle changes brought about by the baking industry

in the old district Jiangnanxi, lived are smart "old neighborhood, in the" drinking tea "the influence of the old city for hundreds of years, Guangzhou to a bakery to buy bread has become a part of the daily life of the old neighborhood. In the morning with a grandson to go to school to buy bread toast and milk, the office workers rushed in to take two bags of bread, to relatives

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