Three squirrels were laid down! Whether to run too fast entrepreneurial circles should reflect on th

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nut snacks are both men and women love, three squirrels as the electricity supplier brand boss, last year has occupied the attention of people, and recently reported that the three squirrels were off the shelf! Under the boom of innovation and entrepreneurship, the venture is too fast to slow down and reflect on it?

for successful startups, especially like the three squirrels so rise above the common herd brand, I have great respect, but it is easy to become loyal users in the first time. But the news came out, it really surprised me: is the enterprise development too fast, neglect product management? Or the local government to tighten the pocket, to suppress the bird? Or entrepreneurial team to offend a fellow, was yin?

cheap, I came to your circle of friends, do not want to have attracted a burst of hot, panic and condemning. Because of my circle of friends in 5000 places, 80% of entrepreneurs from all over the country, investors and related to the crowd. Originally thought we might give three squirrels a little sympathy just, but do not want to derive a lot of things that make me unexpected.

I generally divided, divided into the following three types of speech:

the same for entrepreneurs in Xi’an Jiawang commercial management company CEO Hu Zhiwei in the event said in comments: enterprise development too fast, do not pay attention to their own supervision, thought through the air, flying, cattle!? Regardless of the consumer, sooner or later will be sent to the guillotine. It is also easy to ruin painstakingly built up brand awareness.

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Deputy Secretary General of

  high quality brand reputation, through the long-term user body recommendation

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