Meet big coffee Robin Li interpretation of the real Baidu head

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met big coffee Robin Li, as the head of China’s largest search engine, Baidu Robin Li high visibility, but in real work, how is a person in the Robin Li? You will find the answer in the CCTV financial channel record big meet big coffee.

"fan", "handsome", "low-key"…… As the flagship of the Internet, big coffee, rarely appeared in public places Robin Li, every time they are accompanied by the above label.

another egg this piece is, for network transmission the most widely on the wife "pulling vegetables pulling flowers entrepreneurship" story, Robin Li in front of the camera to restore the truth of the matter, "in fact, this is wrong, but true, the order is wrong……" What is the truth?

has always been regarded as "the staff and the fans of Robin Li, the perfect man of God" in the documentary shows early to work, in a simple dress, low-key food line on the other side in the canteen. Baidu building that filled with plants, sunny large office, the popular CEO every act and every move, has a kind of thinking, confusion and determination?

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