After the merger drops fast there are three ants on the playground

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"barbarian" and "Survivor" wars

looks like, Xiao Li 80% is a good husband.

he is a follow App development engineer. A month ago, because of the structural adjustment of the company, he lost his job and had not found a new job. In order not to let his wife Zaoxin, like "spring subway" inside of the hero, every time point out bag. Like a movie is not the same, he didn’t hang around in the subway, but drove his small car around to pull the job. He downloaded three carpool software in the mobile phone, with every car of two single day, with 51 cars with two single, 4 single click carpool.

every day and 51 are limited to a single day of two." He said, "tick down is not limited to a single, but more than 4 single, will not get extra subsidies."

so much more than half a month down, Xiao Li can earn 3000 dollars, more than idle to stay strong. Some weapon said, why not go to the registered people excellent step subsidies to the owners, more cruel, as long as a week with 70 single base 7000 pieces of hand.

"unfortunately, my car is not worth 80 thousand yuan, not to the people of the best step registration standards." He said, "but I heard drops in the car ride, registration send 150 block recharge."

summer 2015 is boring. See, a taxi subsidy war just Xiaoting less than half a year, car battle still uncertain dust, the war will begin carpooling. In April 2nd, one of its fastest express line; in May 13th, June 1st, the express line drops; ride drops will be on the line. That is to say, drops fast jointly won in 90% China taxi market, not only to do with car, will not miss the third battlefield carpool. Coupled with modern car and bus, one less, it drops fast is set to become the largest mobile travel traffic entrance China.

drops fast is a good story, but for carpool pioneers, like the long awaited Godot, it finally came. Sir Godot is not only a rich, also used to play the money game. The spring of 2015, after the completion of the drops and quick of the merger, the company has absorbed the essence China above 90% can come up with more than $50 million in VC and PE’s money. In accordance with the open D round of financing, the amount of money should be about $10~15 billion in cash on the book. After the merger, the company’s valuation has reached $about 8000000000. Although members of the board of directors of the board had previously publicly disclosed that the media will not be listed within a year, but a year’s time to. Once listed, it will be a billion dollar market capitalization of the company.

nouveau riche entry, of vital importance, helpless. This means, such as car, carpool, 51 tick every day car, carpool slightly, love carpool…… These in a carpool work for 6~10 months of start-up companies, they will have to be involved in the name.

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