User experience ten mistakes often made in Web Design

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when it’s OK, I’ll chat with the users from the Internet over the company and ask why they chose us. In general, they are through search engines, but popular keywords almost the first ten have Baidu bidding promotion, our company website in promotion after the first, but for them, do not understand this. They say, casually point on the first page of several stations, some are too chaotic, can not see, and some have no contact, and some are customer service, plus after, without taking note of the people, filter down on the choice of our company.

these seemingly simple, seems to be SEO, but it has nothing to do with the performance of the company and the customer conversion rate is closely related, I collected some of the resources on the network, the user experience of the website construction and easy mistake to share.

, the website has to clear at a glance that what is the function of customer, otherwise the bounce rate will be high, the bounce rate directly affect the Baidu analysis of user experience, the ranking changed also. Most people have no patience to study them. Include text size, color coordination, whether new windows open links, and whether to use illegible fonts and so forth.

two: don’t force users to sign up when you don’t need to, and don’t put any resources that need to be registered. Mandatory registration only leaves a zombie ID, and makes users feel bad about it.

three: don’t use too many flashy things: flash, background music, messy pictures. Many companies love flash, but considering the speed load problem, flash can be avoided as much as possible. When it comes to background music, it has to be said that if you have to use it, then let the user turn on the music switch manually, and 80% of the users don’t like to play the music automatically when they open a web page.

four: try to use text navigation, navigation as simple as possible, if you link to open PDF and other documents, be sure to do the appropriate measures, do not let the user’s web card stuck there. Change the color of the visited link.

five: do not choose one another after the user enters the website, just like opening one package after another to see what’s in it. I just want to see the content as soon as possible,


six: don’t underline it in plain text. I think you must have had that experience. You see the underlined text always wanted to click. If you can’t click on it, try not to cheat the user.

seven: prohibit the use of horizontal scroll bar, vertical can accept.

eight: try to add ALT attributes as much as possible, which is good for SEO and good for the user. Try to avoid flash unless you are interested in non mainstream.

nine: the website is best with search function, search function of magnanimity information.

ten: the website must leave the contact way, especially below the website position, the contact way is next to the website important communication tool, including electricity >

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