Want to give up webmaster, may wish to do two years of customer service Shi Yuzhu

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"the only real way, is to Admin5, outdated and other places to write soft text.". Can write a soft Wen also suppress it, to write on, this is definitely not a mortal work, only Shi Yuzhu can do it."

the above text is a webmaster friends today in the journal, in fact we grassroots webmaster often missing is the "customer service spirit of Shi Yuzhu", Shi Yuzhu in the journey of the development and promotion process, for two years service, believe that the webmaster friends especially IDC webmaster friends can experience the "customer service" the helpless and tedious work. As a busy executive president, he can settle down to two years of customer service, and his perseverance is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

many webmaster friends at the beginning of the station, ambition, after some time found that links hard to find, Baidu or not included, or received and K, a little bit of traffic, and was hanged horse…… Only then discovered that the network rich journey is not imagined so Ruyi and smoothly, then starts to retreat italy. In fact, this time only need to bite the stick, there will be new breakthroughs, there will be new harvest. Believe that the present bitterness will be the resource of the future.

we may not be able to become Robin Li, Ma Huateng scholar, can not become entrepreneurial hero Ma, also cannot become the Internet Lawrence of Shi Yuzhu, they succeed in business before the once low". Robin Li was a guest on Lu Yu asked about the company’s most difficult situation, he said the most difficult time that companies cannot go down; Ma Huateng had to sell 500 thousand Tencent; Ma was called a liar in the Alibaba at the beginning, in our opinion, the public evaluation when the foundation of his life have to play no more; and Shi Yuzhu’s giant edifice shutdown in recent years is the cause of "low".

I think entering the webmaster industry, for individuals, is a spiritual temper, why don’t we take exercise as food – put into the work now, the results will gradually show up.

this time is a particularly difficult period for some individual owners, domestic individual owners after several years of rapid development will usher in a trough, with the economic crisis "reshuffle", after the crisis, there will be a large number of individual stationmaster fall. A lot of individual stationmaster already sprouted retreat intention, in fact not afraid, gnash teeth to insist. After winter, as long as we don’t freeze into zombies, our website will probably continue to sprout and develop until the result. (text / knife)

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