Webmasters should be good at taking chances from nternet disputes

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‘s recent Internet has become more active. As a result of the well-known reasons, the rapid development of 360 has gradually started some friction and collisions between Tencent and related products. In 360 the promotion and marketing style, a vital choice to combat opponents, thus providing an excellent opportunity for their expansion and the excuse is the best choice, this time he chose to attack the Tencent privacy scan to users, which triggered the emerging Internet giants of the old giant challenge, this event recently become to calm the raise a Babel of criticism of the Internet, they added a new dirt. Then, on their own alone as grassroots webmaster, will only play and forget. It is called: "amateurs watch the bustle, experts see doorways."". Grass roots webmasters find more opportunities after this argument, and turn these opportunities into tools to bring their own flow or income.

one, pay close attention to and understand the dynamic

recently, the Internet giant struggle between the "war" once opened, then a short period of time will not end quickly, so it provides us with the opportunity for quite a long period of time available. But because of the characteristics in 360 propaganda is will rally, which related to the Internet "dispute" often burst out of dirt, these revelations are often very suddenly, there are many unexpected things. For example, the 360 of Tencent QQ to monitor a user’s computer, or to alleged violations of user privacy, even specially developed for privacy protection software specifically for QQ and MSN software to monitor behavior, people can not help but feel a fierce battle after this fight. Similar to the latest situation, want to use these as grassroots webmaster bring traffic to your website, must understand and master the latest progress in the first time, and this is the most basic point to take advantage of these opportunities to create flow station must do.

two, prediction key words, early layout flow source.

above said the first point is that the webmaster wants to use this opportunity to do the basic requirements, and want to get as much traffic as possible, you need the webmaster early layout. This requires the use of all the current dispute about news, especially some similar to the "rumors" message to explore, such as the "uninstall 360 send Q coins" rumors, although this rumor may be false, but it is precisely because of the uncertainty for the owners to take advantage of this opportunity to provide condition. Therefore, you can explore a lot of similar rumors, in advance of keywords or long tail keywords prediction, and in the web site editing, publishing related articles, so as to prepare for the layout in advance. Then the weight and the website links easier to search engines using the chain SEO method, the weight of the site itself has a good ranking, getting traffic from search engine to search relevant keywords in others.

three, making special topics, covering the latest trends to review

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