Xu Xiaoping pain is a part of happiness when a person struggles for a dream

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The teacher looked at Wang Qiang

all day seeking to recommend books, love reading teacher Xu Xiaoping also sit still! Walking the lakes for many years, Mr. Xu to the bottom of the private nature of a few. April 23rd is world reading day, a teacher at the Luo Zhenyu’s invitation, Mr. Xu walked in front of the lens, the old heart good head of Starbucks Howard · Schultz’s autobiography "heart" and "will inject the way forward" generous shared. This is the two book about Xu look up to as the standard to write what? Hurry up and moved a small bench listen!

following Xu Xiaoping teacher in the reading of the sharing arrangement:

today, by the invitation of Luo Zhenyu, in the April 23rd World Book Day, to share with you a collection of many years of my collection of classic books, I feel very honored. So last night I specially and read these two books, or not. These two books are on duty as I practice under the ticket book, because "the heart" is injected into the Starbucks founder Howard · Schultz published in 1999 that Starbucks has established business autobiography, ten years. And "the way forward" is coming once again at the helm of Starbucks Schultz in 2008 when writing memoirs.

to recommend this book, because today’s China to catch up with the era of entrepreneurship, and in this era we need a new, useful entrepreneurial culture. How to build a brand, how to create a unique user experience, how to create a reputation for Howard · in this book, the book is a perfect and detailed description of the process of his Starbucks.

is the reason, but also any entrepreneurial brand, especially the secret service brands rely on. Starbucks was founded in 1985, with 30 years to market value of $90 billion. McDonald’s was founded in the mid 50s, qualified than it is a full old generation, the market value is $120 billion. Why is it in the short run crazy, rapid and popular rise?.

curiosity determines his destiny

Howard · Schultz Broolyn was born in New York in a relatively poor family, his father got injured as a truck driver at the age of 7, lost the ability to work without pay, no medical insurance, the family is struggling. Howard can only rely on their own, he took a scholarship to play basketball on the University, then in Manhattan to do a kitchen appliance salesman in Holland.

it is well known that the United States is a country with a focus on sales: real estate, car sales, insurance sales… But on the other hand is also a test of a person’s business sense, to mobilize all the forces of the salesman involved, but the real from the industry born out of talent, ability and courage tend to have business schools.

as a result of outstanding performance, Shure

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