New pattern of international logistics industry

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with China joined WTO international logistics this new name from us more and more strange, the international logistics industry in the future will become a new industry chain, since the state of the international logistics company to join the threshold on the low, and the line is profitable. Therefore, a great variety of international logistics companies have appeared in front of people. Simple two people, a car, a table is an international logistics company, backward thinking way, the result is small companies become big fish. Law of the jungle has become a trend of the current. Small companies are often for survival, looking for business everywhere, looking for sources of goods, looking for tourists. Marketing advertising up, do not say, but also can not find customers, made a real prince to read the kind of company. Today, 35 companies are closed and 35 companies will be opened tomorrow.


information in the future development of international logistics industry will become more and more important to reduce operating costs, including the cost of the media, publicity costs, labor costs, communication costs, the cost of these costs is essential for inertia, daily work, only to reduce unnecessary costs, to achieve a profit. Advertising costs, the service industry can imagine the effect of the media, in addition to some newspapers and small ads, some yellow pages of print ads, as well as some of the ads on the site. Insist on the type of service, or varieties as advertising, the effect must be greatly discounted. Publicity costs, publicity everywhere, on the site to do reviews, exhibitions do publicity, promotion, the effect of the general publicity of the region is not right, unreasonable, are the key to publicity. In order to manpower cost, an international logistics project investment cost is often the highest, you might say that man is not unusual in China, because too many people, the cost is very low, but the waste of manpower cost, that is the most terrible, originally two people a day can be done. The result of three people two days to finish, that more than one day, can do many other things, such as find a business. Communication costs, but also caused a lot of waste, for an order, constantly communicate, constantly modify their respective documents, resulting in a waste of time, ineffective communication. And missed other clients, too. The cost of inertia is the most neglected thing in a company. Why do you say that? Because it takes a month to get a single order from a customer at an inertial cost. So.

wants to reduce these costs, for a company is a big win. To catch on the road, looking for potential customers to enhance the ability of some companies to find potential customers without direction, are often released some information on the site, or to find the third international logistics outsourcing company like, the information on the customer really works well, it is some useless information. Or outdated information, the information needs to be timely, effective, safe and accurate. These are valuable to customers, but these are for each other in

networking has not been able to do so. Because the Internet itself is a virtual thing for customers. Integration and deployment of resources in the international logistics industry >

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