Website how to break the ice point thinking to achieve benign development

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face-to-face communication is more conducive to the development of the website, from the beginning of the man-machine communication to machine communication is the progress of science and technology, and the Internet industry is also so, from the perspective of the development of the network, make the website content through the most appropriate way to show in front of users is very important, namely the breakthrough freezing distance makes soft site show in front of the user, this is one of the direction of development of the Internet, the webmaster can do is through his best to make the website to show with the most appropriate way.

now throughout the site, many sites are to rely on advertising revenue, but the change by users to change the interest, on charges for profit, and these sites occupy the Internet site provides some half of the country, is a pure service, and the site of the station is also at any time in the tangle yourself if you can stick to it, you Internet development degree should be changed to site service, the author talk about how to break through the freezing point distance makes the website tender fully demonstrated in front of the user.

one, change the view angle, adjust the website structure and page

website structure and website to attract users of the most key indicator is the web site pages, web structure and page good not only can help the website to obtain the user’s support, but also to spider crawling search, let the spider to get more benefits for web crawling in. The webmaster should be to adjust the structure of many simple structure, the complex adjustment of the page as simple pages, so that the whole site filled with simple and generous tide, so that the user can find the content they need for the first time on entering the site, caused increased from PV, to bring real traffic to your site.

two, highlighting features, so that web sites and features blend

no matter what type of site, as long as you are not ctrl+c and ctrl+v so your site should have its own characteristics, the website should combine these features and characteristics of emotion content to web site integration, will be the site of the best content fully displayed in front of the user, it can ensure that the first time users came to the site in view of the site is characteristic and attract, the website can be user support to move forward, but in the process of the combination of features and scene site in Webmaster attention must be paid to the scene correspondingly, pens see many site scene too exaggerated, and the real echoes, this site also do not have the reference value.

three, improve the quality of service, so that services meet the user

The word "

" has been used in the service of public utilities, in fact, the Internet site also need to improve the service quality, service quality, customer service site before the site of the advisory service quality, the service quality of customer service site is to improve the quality of service of content owners can consider strengthening the training and customer service website the customer service service, enhance the quality of service points to help meet the basic needs of users, many users on the network on time

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