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for personal Adsense, generally not only have a station. Dream Sylvia Baidu, suddenly dim. There is always a searching and constantly choice experience. Rather than a few of the formidable technical staff and investors, the start has a clear direction, a clear field. For us, we need some quick flow to make ends meet. We are always chasing all kinds of fresh hot spots.


, stationmaster website has an article "do station seven years, brought me 400 thousand only."". This is a good result, if you stand 7 years, only maintained seven years of livelihood, and still nothing, it is so sad. Since the expansion of college enrollment, a large number of college students have become employment difficulties. Under the unemployment wave, a domain name plus one hundred or two hundred space, such a low threshold, so that the individual station has become a route of retreat for many unemployed people. But when you have done personal webmaster for many years, can not help asking: "personal webmaster retreat where again?"

under the net, you have a sales, can become the next sales work qualifications. But personal Adsense experience, but not how many companies will recognize. In fact, your ability and may not meet many related job requirements, art design, program estimates are half baked?. And the estimate of recruiting operations is even worse.

believes that individual owners should have modern long-term life planning: a station? Or a pen can start a business in the capital? Present opinion, individual owners of the basic survival is very weak. In the near future, copyright issues, taxes, and free professional supervision will shock us. So you can’t make it a day, and make some money today, so you can always go on like this.

we should have a long-term goal, and then keep trying to get close to our goals. We should make every website more valuable, not for visitors, but for ourselves. How to promote, how to optimize, how to contact the enterprise under the net, come up with their own methods. To do, hammer into their own ability.

besides, we should get more from the website. A field of interest, such as calligraphy, such as Handmade, the station made a name card of its own, as a communication link between friends and. In turn, enrich your web site by using resources from the same lovers on the web. Some personal Adsense, to learn their own SEO, learning operation planning experience written blog day after day, these are real accumulation. Several of these blogs can be upgraded to a skilled station. Write well and make some books. Making a website of its own character may make some people dislike it, but it will make those who approve of you like it better.

personally, I’m a technical newbie. So I am more concerned about the content construction of the website. No matter what station, I will look at the relevant content, the update is also. Only by knowing a field can you send out what you need right now

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