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I’m in a county in Luoyang, Luanchuan. The reason why we want to be a tourist website in Luanchuan is that we are the only county in Luanchuan with 6 national AAAA scenic spots. But, also won the national "tourism county" title. The "Luanchuan model" created by the government of our county to develop tourism in Luanchuan has also held a seminar in the Great Hall of the people. Moreover, the government has been the "county tourism" as a development strategy of our county planning and development. So, it can be said that our county’s tourism is very promising.

but in all walks of life increasingly today, more than a dozen large and small travel agencies, our county nearly ten star hotels and restaurants have an own website, only the Tourism Committee (seemingly is not the Tourism Bureau and Tourism Bureau, but the nature is a kind of) have a full of tourism policy and news the website, isn’t this a chance? This is so, I need! Began planning tourism website. Below the Luanchuan tourism network planning and site experience and share with you, I hope we can make common progress and exchanges.

number one is the domain name selection. I see the Baidu index, found from November to late February this off-season "Luanchuan tourism" index in 100, the season in 300, though not much, but this should be a more accurate customer. So, I choose the domain name, though a bit long, but consider the Pinyin input query, and it is easy to remember, is the "Luanchuan tourism" in pinyin, so chose the domain name.

second is the choice of the site program. Because I have built a local SNS website Luanchuan with UCHOME, so I am familiar with and familiar with Kang Sheng, and I chose SS. The site was launched in January. But I feel that this procedure can not meet my needs (mainly their level of restrictions, in my sweat!), can only be used to display advertising, such as, the profit model can only be advertising this one, so I have been looking for other programs. Of course, now I can not in this site optimization, but also the basic update ten days to update a state, now search "Luanchuan tourism" into the Baidu fourteenth, Google tenth, search for "Luanchuan tourism network" in the home page, it was an accident. Fortunately, recently finally found a more suitable way I program is php68, the more simple, and the main system comes with the "online booking" and "mall model", this is I have been to. With this function you can implement the Luanchuan tourist routes, tourist accommodation and tourism Luanchuan Luanchuan online specialty booking and purchase, so this website in addition to advertising, you can also have an online sales profit model. I think this is the most important thing for our webmaster. Now, it has been completely modified, and has bound the domain name, just upload the content to fill

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