The trend of nternet development through Baidu

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Baidu is the entrance of massive Internet users, so Baidu can also make full use of the user’s access behavior to improve their products, and even adjust their strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the current trends in the Internet through Baidu.

1. Internet penetration of the daily life of the people is an irresistible trend.

, Baidu’s, made an important revision at the end of 08 and early 09. The important two points are the provision of life, services and local services. And the addition of "life" to the main navigation category on the right side of the hao123. Local and lifestyle sites will become an important force in China’s Internet in the future. Can not do portal, we can do a local life site.

2. users online age structure close to the social population structure.

Baidu launched an older search, increasing the hao123 search box. Baidu’s search for older people is by no means accidental Conscience Discovery, and it is definitely background data that illustrates the potential of this field. Internet more than 10 years of development, the Internet users from a relatively single young people in the past, into a relatively rich crowd structure. Began to close to the social population structure. Now there are old age search, that day Baidu launched minors search is normal.

3. open cooperation is the general trend.

Baidu even if the technology is still fierce, and can not solve everything, can not cover all the data on the internet. As a result, Baidu urgently needs to introduce third parties to improve the user experience, to make up for the lack of search. Google integrated everything with technology, and Baidu’s Aladdin fully demonstrated Baidu’s operating capabilities. Baidu is likely to demand, those users search Baidu did not meet the needs of users of the good keywords, to conduct a comprehensive arrangement, with open platform mode to improve the experience, enrich the search results.

4. mobile Internet, the next 300 million Internet users coming.


in the first half of this year to speed up the significant action in the field of mobile Internet, with Samsung bundled with Baidu search, and China Unicom, China Telecom reached an agreement to jointly develop wireless search business in 3G era. And, according to Baidu insiders, Robin has summoned the WAP team in an unprecedented way. It also fully illustrates the increasing importance of Baidu mobile internet. The mobile Internet is about to bring us the next 300 million Internet users.

5. avoid content.

Baidu has launched a financial channel with great fanfare and access to news licences. Known as marching into journalism. By the end of 08, however, Baidu had abandoned its content. Video, financial and other channels direct sale or outsourcing cooperation, to avoid doing their own content. Even powerful, such as Baidu is so, then an ordinary individual webmaster how to do?


or more is the five point I’ve been thinking of for a while. Baidu, of course, half a year

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