Personal webmaster want to learn to brake car in the end

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A5 has published articles in a long time not to contact, many grassroots webmaster, had written nearly 60 grassroots webmaster circle in the article, but he did three months after the site back when he had written the article, feel very empty, really empty.

from the beginning of February 2nd registered the domain name GBTOL.COM, my site has gone through the course of three months, of which the bitterness of only experienced webmaster friends to experience, I rarely QQ three months before accidentally landing on QQ, saw the summer wind message, that moment, very touched, as your friend is not forgotten touched, for the grassroots grassroots feelings touched, now, in a sense, I come to a dead end, personal Adsense in desperate situation may learn to "brake" car.

definitely can’t give up the website


brake does not mean to give up, to believe, not the failure of the site, only the failure of the webmaster, any time, do not give up their own website, give up your web site, will eventually be myself down. At the beginning of website, everyone carries a dream, many webmaster regret giving up their website a year or half a year later, in order not to regret, bite, change thinking, change mode, as long as you never give up, you will have an unexpected turn. That knife words, yes, really, see this article friends probably face the poor little flow, in the face of income growth embarrassed, but don’t give up, not for anything else, just because we are men.

insists, not necessarily persistent, sometimes stubborn,

ideal, people have to eat, a few months down the site next to nothing, investment in increasing income is negative growth, this time to brake, look at your promotion methods if there are problems, not to be bound by their own habits of thinking, if has been online, you might consider promotion offline, if has been online, consider the promotion on the line…… Dare to break the routine. Consider their own direction, communicate and friends around, don’t always closed doors by subjective judgement to know the direction is wrong, no matter how adherence is not successful.

also want to improve the work efficiency, perhaps usually takes 6 hours to complete the things you only need to spend 3 hours, try to make time to consider diversified economic sources, the site is the need to spend time, but don’t mistake the "cost" when "cost".

learns to "pound out"

website failure, many reasons for positioning, and this time may wish to concentrate on a small piece of work, and do not seek to go hand in hand. Find the best, a level most profitable, focusing on attacking a level, a level referred to here is perhaps a section of the forum, perhaps is a kind of user of your site users group, regardless of your website is what type, whether you >

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