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now we all know that even quality can improve the site’s search rankings, it has also become a source station. The antecedents of changmen link advertising prices are increasingly high, many people saw the profits. To earn dirty money and I will disclose these black heart intermediary. Today I! The PR4 included, Baidu included 10600 pages, PR high because people often come to me to buy links, contact liar a lot. Also several times now when I put my bait, and the method that.

liar deception

is a swindler, they first use the general psychological everyone eager to make money, he and you are not buying ads how to bargain, and once bought 2-3 months. I was this morning when the black intermediary QQ is: 912723799. of our business process is that, after he came, just ask how much money the station link, when the 8 Japanese stations will be linked to the newspaper, I was 800, he is very happy to say 700, the first Alipay to 600, in 100. out of line I’ll give him up, and after half a day, every view of money I just go to. Advertising, and in the Forum issued the post exposed liar ( this 8 Japanese station to find me, I chatted with him he said 30, buy the price is 150 member of the.Pr4 station 8 link 150 is cheap enough for.

the next day to add my personal, said all of a sudden want to buy 4 PW station link price is 400, because the first day of the lesson, I will let him hang his QQ on his website. He said to download the FTP trouble, I have to listen to his problems, search QQ, Ie=gb2312… =258431824& ct=0 found in the last year, many people have been taken on the spot, he directly pull the black.

third is the qq:306669362 of his IP yesterday, he said to me in this station station hang text ads bought 3 months, I think this is a station above QQ, and his number is not the same, I let him go to QQ website, he directly and I say he is the intermediary QQ, you can add, he immediately to the other side of the station and at the bottom, I see no refresh, he said the other side removed, but he still retains which pages, and offered to the remote to me, after I see the website is his QQ, was also suspected but just want to… Not where the problem is, the ad for the results, or cheated, then I want to understand that he is a and the same page through the local station, opened with ie, in wouo>.

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