36 listed companies restructuring failed the acquisition of the subject matter is more than film and

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entered in June, the news of the restructuring of listed companies failed to spread. Only in June 23rd, there are three listed companies announced restructuring fails.

interface news according to WIND statistics show that in 2015 the year of mergers and acquisitions failed only 54 cases, and in 2016 has not more than half, the failure of the case has reached up to 36.

M & A case is not, and the acquisition of the subject matter of the industry as well as the industry within the 43 provisions are not unrelated. First of all, from the subject of mergers and acquisitions in the industry, most concentrated in the film, games and Internet banking and other hot industries. The failure of June 23rd announcement restructuring of Tibet tourism (600749.SH), Yongda group (002622.SZ), (000509.SZ) at the Bank of the Internet in the financial sector three companies acquisition target.

In addition to the

group (300431.SZ), the acquisition of straw bear pictures, constant days dragon network and acquisition of wonderful entertainment network, poly Ling boahsin set by the acquisition of Jiechi technology acquisition targets are in the video game industry. With the previous rumors of film and television, media, VR industry mergers and acquisitions "thing" is inextricably linked.

the reasons for these mergers and acquisitions and the high valuation of these industries are not unrelated to the high valuation. Is the industry known as the "43 provisions" clearly pointed out that listed companies to issue shares to buy assets, should comply with the "full description and disclosure of the transaction of listed companies can improve asset quality, improve the financial situation and enhance the sustainable profitability and other requirements, and part of the company’s reorganization has stepped on the red line.

tourism in Tibet as an example, the acquisition of Kara’s progress is whirling. The restructuring plan announced in February this year has been two times the SFC inquiry. Second of them on whether the company to avoid the backdoor, concerted action and other sensitive issues to make inquiries. Among them, the content of "inquiry exchange company in the four quarter increase in short-term loans of about 418 million yuan to circumvent the backdoor listing" is the restructuring of a pushed in the teeth of the storm. Tibet tourism has not reply to this enquiry. In addition, three companies in the acquisition of the 3 billion 100 million storm group, Gump technology in 2014 at a loss, made in 2015 the newly established science and technology. Profitability is not stable and so are the reasons for the termination of these acquisitions.

from the acquisition of the underlying business point of view, failed to market as scheduled, mainly affected by the financing capacity. But for the backdoor of the enterprise, the fight may be fatal. Due to their poor performance and other reasons, will seek mergers and acquisitions or backdoor, once announced the failure of these shell resources or poor management of the enterprise can only seek the next restructuring targets.

interface news combing the 36 restructuring failed in the enterprise, revenue and profits fell significantly. Among them, Rui mining (600714.SH) loss of 36 million yuan in 2015, revenue fell 282>

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