Small entrepreneurs are hard to attract VC eyeballs

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grassroots entrepreneurial passion is not inferior to the big entrepreneur

the afternoon of July 27th, sponsored by the Zhitong talent network the first "2008 South Internet webmaster forum" to close the curtain. From the PRD more than 200 Internet entrepreneurs, "grassroots owners" gathered and Tianya,, NetEase and other famous sites and VC (venture capital) the relevant person in charge of a lively exchange.

"grassroots webmaster", mostly for two or three years of College students.

forum, the participants of the "grassroots" more than 80% graduated two or three years of college, but there are many in the school has started a business network, they in the entrepreneurial process encountered many difficulties but still with passion.

from "leisure supermarket" master Bian Guangsheng said that his site has been in operation for three years, has yet to find the profit model did not make any money, so it is not easy to stick around, rich investment friends did not dare to invest in the Internet, so he wanted to listen to the opinions of the experts, "hope to find investment". Xiao Bian’s feelings become the voice of everyone.

presence webmaster said, his entrepreneurial passion even worse than big entrepreneur. But for the start-up of small entrepreneurs, we have said that the biggest difficulty is the lack of funds, I do not know how to attract the attention of VC institutions.

as a "grassroots", we should also have a mind CEO Gong Bing said, the site does not profit can not attract eyeball VC, he put forward the ten most "reliable" website profit pattern to the webmaster, also said "don’t be too greedy to operate a small website, personal website quick profits could be a trap, leaving the most core part go to the practical operation is the aim".

"business model for grassroots webmaster care, Tianya assistant editor in chief Liang Shuxin suggested that the Internet must have a clear business model, but also to make good use of user experience to stick to the user, not afraid of small website construction too complex to lose the core value added services. And East venture capital CEO Dr. Li Sijin put forward "grassroots", to have entrepreneurial mind, in order to attract VC institutions attention, and team building is very important.

Zhitong talent network operations director Zeng Qiang suggested small entrepreneurs play a good basic skills: "grassroots webmaster ‘entrepreneurial enthusiasm is very high and very passionate, but they create their own website business model is lack of clear understanding, lack of professional personnel and operations team, perhaps a short time can earn some money, but this website at any time may encounter winter, investment institutions is also looking for a good project. Therefore, it is possible for investment institutions to appreciate the problems they face and to do their basic work well."


many people invest in traditional industries. When they hear about investing in the Internet, they turn away. They have no confidence in Internet investment

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