Site classic quotations 100 sentences (2)

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site classic quotations, 100 sentences (1) 

21 do webmaster, who have to have 5-10 websites, if you have only a web site, you are embarrassed to say that he is webmaster.

22, Baidu   Google should give us traffic, we cheat them, that’s what we should. They sealed us, their treason and heresy.

23, do website to learn to cheat, all those who make money station, all is flicker to money, all those who do not make money stationmaster, affirmation did not go to flicker who.

24 website to loneliness, to resist the temptation to do. Can persist for 5 years, have become well-known webmaster, or become the older generation.

25 do not Tandaqiuquan, do portal is often submerged in the portal to find the north, often very small areas of abnormal success often. Unique school, another way.

26 website, always in promotion, big website need to promote, small website also need to promote, not promotion of the site, unless you have special function.

27 website, have always considered profit, can not count on investment, 99.9% of the sites are not investment, not profitable, you have to die

28 will be cruel today, tomorrow will be cruel, the day after tomorrow will be nice, but most people will die at

tomorrow eveningThe more patterns you make in

29, the more you show that you don’t have a model. The more projects and ideas, the more confused.

30 is not a knight. Good stuff is free, free is also very susceptible to injury, ashamed of the words

31 executes the most important, often standing successful people seem a little clumsy people, because stupid, no jumping ideas, because not smart, just do other people smart people do not get together to do the ranks.

32 viral marketing promotion is not planning out, and not want to come out, and not copy out, only after doing out, summed up, just found that this is viral marketing, promotion.

33, not too much of the pursuit of conceptual things, that is a flicker of investors, but also some so-called elite, to raise their own professional words created.

stick to yourself, don’t be too confused by conceptual things. Any project, plan, and idea looks perfect. Just like flowers, it looks beautiful in the distance. You get dirty hands in your hands for a few days.

34 mentality is very important, for 50 dollars of the host, and IDC get half dead. Or for 10 dollars dispute, had been "

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