Small game website development trend analysis is no longer profiteering industry

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a friend recently made a small game website: 28 Games, asked me to write a soft, do some promotion, seems to want to go, the 28 game is not what special attractions worth writing. However, this has inspired one of my wishes, and is to explore the development trend of small game sites, my view is: the current environment is no longer suitable for small game sites. From this point of view, I am not very optimistic about the development of 28 small games.

my reasons are as follows:


(mini) game site has been very competitive these days.

small game website because of low cost, large user groups, but also with direct liquidation capabilities, has become the fastest growing category of websites in recent years. The current market is close to saturation, intense competition: in addition to feudal lords vying for the throne, sitting outside the first few of the best 4399 game, 7K7K, Chinese, 2144, and 3839, 007 games, and many other sites in the second ranked flow to high-end; plays with the game as the representative of the more emerging game sites now also gradually into people’s vision, imperceptibly erode the traditional large positions; in addition, some large sites such as Sina, 17173, Pacific also has its own small game site, and especially in the Tencent recently launched the 3366 most impressive…… In such an environment, and then squeeze into a no money, no resources, no characteristics of competitors, 28 small game winning probability is very low, the pressure of survival will be great.

(two) small game website is not profiteering industry.

There were some little

only a short while ago, the game to earn pours, let the young blood, those interested in the Internet business to hear the blood boiling, boiling perhaps once, the new game will be the birth of a number of stations. Perhaps because of this, it led to the emergence of monk less than the number of cases: according to contact with the vast majority of the small game station owners reflect that the current small game station to make money more and more difficult. Most of the previous station for the survival of Google Adsense advertising revenue is higher, but since Google decided to launch Chinese, eCPM (effective CPM) is more and more low, to gradually lose the advantage; so many people at Baidu, but Baidu income is also not high, and there are so many small tax deductible game owners also feel a little too much. Lucky enough to get advertisers monthly advertising station is a small number of games, these ads for more web game promotion, the quantity is not much, many or seasonal delivery, advertising prices are very low pressure. Only 4399 7K7K and several stations with traffic advantages, can not worry about advertising and revenue, even if the joint operation alone and web game, can also have a good income…… The current 28 mini games are no more than Google and Baidu ads, in less traffic

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