Grassroots webmaster should be good at familiar station

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              08 years immediately passed, calculate their blink of an eye on the Internet you have seven or eight thoughts. Ask what I made? I whispered to say no, I want to ask how many websites do? I would say do not remember, too much! If you ask me what I have left? Only experience there are some successful or not successful webmaster.

these may be a lot of grassroots webmaster experience, but we still have been in the pursuit and efforts.

but we analyzed the cause of our failure? There are many common reasons: technical reasons, reasons, financial reasons, team time! I think the main reason is that our ideas deviate from their ability and their own expertise, ambitious.

as grassroots webmaster, first of all, we should know ourselves, measure yourself. Don’t blindly follow the fashion of the internet. Remember that we are at the bottom of the webmaster we want to learn to find pragmatic, hard work to do. To think about how to meet the needs of users through the web, rather than immediately thinking of obtaining from users, the most valuable asset on the Internet is free.

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