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graduated from the University for more than 1 years, the work is website promotion, so begin to contact this for more than 1 years of time, learn something, also took many detours, have been doing before the promotion, not done their own website. Some time ago to resign during the Olympic Games to play at home for half a month, at home idle boring, it is intended to be a website to play, see friends made a silk stockings beauty, feel fun, listen to him one day to earn a few knife, I plan to do a website also play it.

                  because the first station, the technology is rotten, so many things are to ask others, reckon what station, I’m going to do what you want to do keyword and then start station, because a friend’s website beautiful pictures stand, I also intend to engage in a sexy beauty should think about the keyword flow is very good, check the Baidu index found one day more than 5000, I would like to fix, this word should be all I have. So I went to register a domain name, and then take a few hundred to buy a server space to a DEDE daemon and a template, began to change, change the 1 days basically my sexy beauty also took shape, to some other beauty website manually add article, the tired Oh, in a few days, soft hair a lot, but 1 weeks down, found a search engine that was not included, I wonder, then think of it, is the domain name used to be K, checked immediately, indeed 07 years, people used to go to register, hey, can only say "tragedy ah".

                had to register a new domain name on the network, but this name is not K, parsed about 5, 6 hours of Google included me, ha, thinking of the climax, and in 2 days, that afternoon I’m boring in the background arbitrary point of the play, see what the detection scan, to sweep, suggesting that 7 files contain loopholes in the system, without thinking that I put several files to be deleted, the background of the problem, can not add this article, I am anxious, the DEDE file system before to re upload it immediately, found or not, alas, is really too tragic, don’t understand, so I put the FTP file to delete, upload again, before the FTP in the HTML file to copy out, I thought to pass You can, and later learned that the original database and those documents are related, crying, died, hard to add a few days of things gone, really disappointed, and have to come back. See here, master must scold me this rookie.

         ;       rearranging a few days

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