Mark my daily wholesale website on the line for one month

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This day I imperceptibly

single site has been on-line for nearly a month, in general, everything is OK, a lot of customer registration, consulting a lot of orders a lot, which also met a lot of friends. There are a lot of younger than us, but they are full of entrepreneurial passion, for their own to strive for a better tomorrow (hey, say disgusting!) oh ~

well, the initial site just on the line, we are targeting the keywords "day single day single wholesale, wholesale trade, on a single day single children’s clothing wholesale clothing wholesale, wholesale underwear, single and single day" and so on related keywords in Baidu ranking is good, may obscure these keywords do people less, so it was easy to go up. Of course, these keywords are also related to the main business of my website. What we need is a specific group of people, if not the quality of the 1000 day IP, I do not hope to 100 single day really want to wholesale customers, target specific crowd, I have been carrying out the Many a little make a mickle., ~ ~ ~ ~, in this month, look for the link is my head aches, because it is a new station PR, 0, so some PR sites are not willing to do the link, and you have no way, now the webmaster have PR syndrome, who let us not PR, looking forward to the next time Google PR update to upgrade my station to PR2 or PR3, oh oh, hope hope ah ~~~~~~


next month, wholesale 163 websites to do the work, the focus is on the new goods, a lot of publicity for it "women wholesale" the key to sit, although difficult, but I will try. Now I checked the rankings, leaving a mark here, waiting for the next Baidu update, I hope to improve.

search [foreign trade Women wholesale] thirty-third appear

next month there will be some genuine AD, sent from Kampuchea NIKE, AF, AE, Lewis jeans, if interested friends can contact me, contact customer service on the line, on the goods is not really genuine, please don’t doubt that, if you know the thief of Kampuchea market if you will confirm your answer.

I suddenly found that my website deesprition didn’t separate the keywords foreign trade clothing wholesale, only single women wholesale included, do not know and separate than up, there is no difference between what, hope to have experience of a friend generous with your criticism. Tonight to change the desprition, I hope Baidu well included ~~~~~

nagging finished, I hope you make money ~ ~, men find beauty, female find handsome guy, everybody happy, by the way to find some links, foreign trade women’s wholesale, judge editor to keep ah,


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