11 ways to ensure Web Security

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1. custom 404 page and custom send ASP error information

404 allows hackers to find some of your important files in the background and check for loopholes in your web pages. ASP error, may come to unknown sender information to each other.

2. routine maintenance

A. periodically backup data. The best backup once a day, downloaded the backup file, you should promptly delete the backup file on the host, B. regularly change the name of the database and administrator account. B. by WEB or FTP management, check all directory size, and finally modify the time and the number of files, check whether the file is abnormal. And see if there are any unusual accounts.

3. modify background file

step 1: change the name of the validation file in the background.

second step: modify the CONN.ASP to prevent illegal download, but also to the database encryption, in the modified conn.asp.

third step: modify the ACESS database name, the more complex the better, if possible, then change the directory of the data. 4. restrict access to background IP

this method is the most effective, and each virtual host user should have a function. Your IP is not fixed, then trouble point, each time change slightly, safety first.

5. carefully select the website program

pay attention to the website program itself is a loophole, good or bad, you and I should have a balance.

6. cookie protects

try not to visit other sites when you log in to prevent cookie leaks. Remember to exit when you exit and close all browsers.

7. creates a Robots that can effectively protect

from stealing information from search engines

8. self testing

is now in the online hacking tools a basket, do not prevent your website to find some to test whether OK.

9. modify account

whether commercial or not, passwords are mostly admin. So the first thing you do when you get to the website program is to change the password. Don’t use it until you use it. Change it for something special. Try to put letters, numbers, and symbols together. In addition, the password is best to exceed 15.

10. cautious upload vulnerability

as far as I know, upload vulnerability is often the simplest and most serious, allowing hackers or hackers to easily control your web site. You can prohibit uploading or restricting the type of uploaded files. If you don’t understand, you can find your website program provider.

11. directory permissions

ask the administrator to set up some important directory permissions to prevent non >

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