Analyze several patterns of making money on your personal blog

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casually searched, found in the establishment of webmaster blog money is still pretty much, found that many of my friends are doing well, have their own Wangzhuan modes. Savor their blog can be found in many wealthy, including easy money, there is hard to make money, but their purpose is very clear, is to make money from the Internet, from your blog to make money. We do not engage in personal worship, because they like us, are small owners to go out, but the time earlier than us, or some early Wangzhuan friends, or they have a chance, but no matter how they have made efforts, if you want to Wangzhuan, as long as the efforts to adhere to, last, you can also become everyone wangzhuan.

‘s experience from itbruce and several patterns of making money on personal blogs can be analyzed as follows:

first, blogpost. This model is called money abroad, the domestic general called topic advertising, before I have mentioned in the post, early do better should be feedsky and now the two Bora, do not too much, the former is not often write some articles. Now, many people and companies are looking for bloggers to insert links and keywords into their blog posts. Domestic prices are lower, but abroad is ok. You can try it.

second, link sales. Chicken eggs to make money, to do their own site is down right, reduce the risk of PR. Mainly depends on how you operate. In this way, the market is already quite chaotic, or people may be too much, the price is too low, especially black links in the market, so it is difficult, but can make several position on the blog, the cost of space domain name.

third, selling products. Sell related products based on the topic of your blog. For example, friends can concentrate on learning WP knowledge tutorials, and then sell WP dedicated host, I have a friend doing well. For example, you focus on DEDE templates to do well, you can focus on writing these content in your blog, and then you can do template agent theme to make money.

only temporarily put forward three points, we hope to help everyone. (original article:, I hope to communicate with my blog.


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