How to do a good job in website publicity and search engine collection and optimization

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promotional skills:

first, pay attention to the location of publicity.

the location is very important. You have to find a place for publicity. To other forums posted, no webmaster and members do not hate "dig the corner", you propaganda is not clever enough, general is paste, delete, buckle, reputation still have to stink. If it is the place where you visit, it is estimated that the number will be cancelled in the future. Therefore, we have to choose a good place for publicity.

relatively good location, I summed up as a few, welcome to add.

(1) Baidu paste bar and SOSO paste it.

, these two are simple Forums – stick. These local crowd is very much, find the stick that agrees with your forum theme, can find a lot of those who are interested in your forum. Moreover, compared to the regular forum, Post Bar management is not so standard, our advertising is better to swoop.

(2) began to decline, but there were no large forums without anyone.

these forums generally lack management, members of the natural management of the very dissatisfied with the quarrel continuously, managers have lost prestige, unable to control the decline situation. The members here are easy to transfer.

second, pay attention to propaganda.

pure Advertising – two words –


therefore, our propaganda can not just take an address, saying "welcome to play", in fact it is equivalent to "welcome administrator to T me," "


, for example: (1) posting only half (preferably wonderful, suspense chain), and then said, "exhausted, not issued, please point to the following address to see for yourself.". They have copyright, I’m afraid all turned to curse, and then address the address, it is best not to let people know that you are the webmaster.

(2) send only a few pictures. Especially in the super good Post Bar not a multi place. You first made a few building plans, then said, "a lot of hundreds of ah, you have labor at the given address"

(3) now copyright outside the chain of pictures in particular, you can also tell the lie: "Hey, this broken station, actually banned the chain, have to point to yourself.". Hey, what a mean. Good do not let me turn, complain, sympathy. Of course, the picture is really wonderful.

in fact, experienced webmaster will soon see through your tricks, but they are not easy to delete ah. This post says that the ads aren’t exactly, or are there some content?. The content is really good, it is not easy for new people to post. Have to do not go to your link, also do not say anything.

encountered relatively inexperienced webmaster, and some even give you extra points, give you the essence, is entirely possible, because you believe that you did not intentionally half of the hair,


third, pay attention to the timing of publicity.

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