After 90, MM taught me how to make a good website

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we do not know what is the opinion of 90 MM, is not mentioned after the words, think of "non mainstream", "Mars", or "idiotic"? In fact, we do not know them, just like they don’t know us, treated us as mars.

sentiment is from my time with MM 90 after talking to MM, this is one of my very dear sister not far away, usually see little chance, with understanding of the user’s psychological, and the rare sister had a chat, ask as follows:

1. What do you usually do on the Internet? What are you paying attention to,


sister: I like all the new things, dancing, QQ, 51, watching animation, these are usually done every day. As for what to pay attention to, as if no special attention, see the feeling, first glance like to point down, do not pleasing to the eye, turn off.

2, you usually surf the Internet, think CN domain name good to remember, or COM domain name, remember


: do not think what difference, can not remember, Baidu search will know, a good record in the collection, do not remember to go to Baidu search.

3, then you search Baidu, usually will point to the page of the first few websites, will go to the second page?


sister: I’m sure I won’t go to the second page. I’ll only take the first few. I don’t want to do anything at the back. It must be a waste of time.

4, every time you surf the Internet, I think those ads annoying, will you click on those ads?


sister: whether it’s advertising or advertising, it’s attractive. As long as the ads are good and attract me, I’ll go. Anyway, I’ll have some interesting things.

, these are the main excerpts of our conversation. From these conversations, can we see how to make a good site? My experience is:

1, must pay attention to SEO, especially Baidu,


from Baidu pull to flow three most practical method: 1, increase the original text, appropriate around the keyword optimization, strongly recommended in title also add. In 2, Baidu high weight, fast update release place around the key related content information and your site links, let Baidu crawling find you, take Baidu to you stand! 3, lead others to find the key words, trigger Baidu to search the database, according to the retrieval results to your site.

2, do not pay too much attention to what domain names are, not to pay high prices to buy!


said a truth, I personally feel that the domain name speculation does not make any sense, unless is the best domain name, what like ah, we these grassroots speculation what domain name Oh, basic Internet users only he love things, remember not to remember is the next thing, but things are different in the name of this what do you think.

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